Payors Services

Infiniti Pharmacy provides personalized service to help manage patients’ needs, ensuring the greatest chance of achieving a positive outcome and reducing payors costs associated with treatment.

We offer our payors:

  • Comprehensive disease state management and coordination of care for your members.

  • Tailored care for patients based on specific disease states and individual needs.

  • Side-effect management and disease-specific educational support to help patients understand the course of their treatment and maximize clinical outcomes.

  • Proactive refill and lab test reminders to enhance adherence and treatment outcomes.

  • In-Office, pharmacy, or telephonic patient education and injection training provided to your members at no cost.

  • Access to a clinical pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • High-touch, Local Service to your patients designed to lower costs by promoting adherence to therapy management protocols and reducing waste and inappropriate therapy costs.