The Infiniti Pharmacy Team

Deepak Ranade, RPh, MBA  is the Founder and President of Infiniti Pharmacy and Infusion Services. He is a long term resident of Florida and is well known in the pharmacy community throughout the region.

David L. Okorn, R.Ph., MHSA  is the Director of Pharmacy for Infiniti Pharmacy. David graduated from University of Florida’s School of Pharmacy and continued his education at Florida International University, where he completed his Masters in Health Services Administration. He spent 15 years in the general hospital setting and 8 years specializing in bone marrow transplant and oncology. However, for the past 20 years, he has serviced the South Florida community by being a part of home infusion and specialty pharmacies.

Mandy Crawford, RN  is the Vice President of Business Development. Mandy has 40+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her career started in Scottsdale, Arizona where she was involved in home health infusion nursing, nurse education, HIV clinical communication, infectious diseases, oncology and hospice.